So Far Sac : Celebration of Womxn's History Month

So Far Sac : Celebration of Womxn's History Month

So Far Sac x FemWINism Present: Celebration of Womxn

What do you get when you take the idea of live music, mix it with flash mob culture, throw in a organization who celebrates and encourages the idea of seeing other women win and give it the time frame of March which is also Womxn’s History Month?

You get Sofar Sounds x Femwinism. Also known as the greatest environment for cultivating love and creative energy. If you’re not already familiar with Sofar Sounds and the shows they host across the globe. Think of what it would be like to invite your favorite band to your home, set up a mic in your living room and the audience is made up of all your closest friends. That’s essentially the vibe that each Sofar show exudes because believe it or not that’s how “Sofar: Sounds from a Room” got started. Now when it comes to the epitome of women genuinely supporting women, Femwinism is an organization that should be on your radar. The motto and mission statement wholeheartedly being the idea of loving to see another woman win. Celebrating the successes of women entrepreneurs, building sisterhood and creating safe spaces for women and men (Menwinism) of all ages to come and share ideas, resources and network.

Written by : Kevonne Chase for femWINism

Meshing the two together in the heart of Sacramento proved to be a match made in heaven this past March. Bringing three unforgettable nights of music, love, laughter, connection, and memories to hold with us for years to come. Although words will never fully do it justice, you definitely had to be there for the full experience, a quick recap can still be shared.

NIGHT ONE @ Freestyle Clothing Exchange

Took place in Downtown Sacramento, at Freestyle Clothing Exchange, a really dope place to recycle your clothes, refresh your wardrobe and remind others that the things you no longer want still have value. The format was simple, space was cleared for a mic to be set up and room for a small band depending on the performers. The audience was seated mostly on the floor with an array of pillows, throw blankets, and short benches that Freestyle already had in the space. Guests were encouraged to bring their own drinks and snacks and everyone who got the memo surely did. But those who didn’t weren’t left out, libations were shared amongst people as they enjoyed a night of music and good energy. The lineup for night one consisted of Nikki Sounds, Kari Jay, and Tia Ferrera. Three women local to Sacramento with powerful journeys and truly gifted in the area of musical expression.

The night brought forth two hours of getting to hear music, sip on drinks, share stories and as an audience member still be a part of the show. There is no feeling of separation or distance. All of the acts not only shared their personal journeys with everyone but also connected in a way that allowed us to feel like we weren’t alone. It was genuine, funny, heartwarming, exciting and left us with a feeling of inspiration and possibility. Like anything could happen and each of us were exactly where we were supposed to be that night.


Hosts: Quynhforthewin & Matt

Visual Art: Lisa Elias

Took place in East Sacramento at Amped Dance Studios. A new space to take dance classes, workshops and a beautiful space to host a variety of events. The set up was again simple, they sectioned off a space for the performances where they set up a mic and again the audience was seated in the space amongst a variety of pillows and blankets. There was art set up in the back and the lineup consisted of another trio of female artists. Kendra Deanna, UNOMEESH and Deja Bryson. Three women with tremendous stories, even better voices and the uncanny ability to connect with whoever takes a moment to give them a listen.

Night two brought out a whole new set of people sprinkled with some familiar faces. But the vibe was the same, it was warm and heartfelt. Easy going inspired energy mixed with the excitement of seeing/meeting new people and being in a space amongst like-minded individuals.

NIGHT THREE @ Dub Plate Kitchen

Hosts: Quynh & Matt

Visual Artists:: Angelica “Amazink” , Pastelrae

Took place in North Sacramento at the quaint but flavorful and authentic Jamaican food restaurant Dub Plate Kitchen. A spot that is one of the greatest hidden gems to be found in Sacramento. If you love Caribbean food and want to feel like you’re eating food from your favorite auntie and grandmas kitchen. This is the spot for you. They opened their doors, allowed the Sofar crew to set up a mic and another trio of artists with powerful views and strong senses of self Nia Joe, Miss Mouthpeace and Bella Beretta arrived to share their stories and use their voices to inspire yet another new audience who showed up ready to take it all in and support.

It was a night of intense emotion, light hearted but powerful conversation, and a showcase of talent that ultimately made you want to pay attention. Honestly it was a room of friends and family because if you didn’t know anyone beforehand, you definitely did when you left. Which was one of the magical parts of the whole experience.

Maybe that’s a bit extra to some but if you were there then you know what I’m saying and there is more to share about the experience for each individual person. It was a strong “you had to be there” to fully get it type of situation. If you didn’t get the chance to attend any of the three shows Sofar Sounds x Femwinism put together for Womxn’s History Month or you haven’t attended a Sofar show before. To put it simply, it’s fun, heartfelt, exciting, inspirational, definitely a show unlike any other and one that everyone should get to experience at least once. So tap in with the sisterhood of Femwinism and download the Sofar Sounds app to see what shows are popping up in your city. Tell a friend and go make a friend.

Our sincere thanks to the So Far Sac:: Chinua, Paul, Chomara & team

Femwinism Team: Moriah Claire, Kat, Bryant, Felicia, Kevonne & Chevonne

Locations & Business Owners: Freestyle Clothing, Ana Perales & Get Amped Entertainment , Sunni & Dub Plate Kitchen

All the Artists & Musicians who helped us celebrate & all of the wonderful supporters who came out and helped us enjoy this amazing collaboration!

All Photos Courtesey of Chevonne Neal

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