Femme Tape Summer  Tour

Femme Tape Summer Tour

Femme Tape Summer Tour - June 25, 2019

Momo Lounge , Sacramento, CA

The west coast leg of the Femmetape Summer Tour with Blossom, PARISALEXA and Ivy Sole slid through Sacramento, CA June 25, 2019. The event was hosted by Femwinism and ENT Legends. Sacramento's own Kendra DeAnna and Phat Joe set the tone for the night bringing undeniable talent and genuine vibes.

Written by: Stacey Rose (@reallynotradio) for FemWINism

Each artist that graced the stage sprinkled their music magic. Their unique artistry engaged and captured everyone in the audience. It was a very interactive night. There was a bit of call and response, the artists frolicked out and about in the crowd during their sets, a lot of snapping, swaying and head nodding took place. The crowd participation was high, and it was felt by the artists. It was a great exchange of energy, and sharing an intimate space like Momo's always makes for a memorable show experience.

from l to r: DJ Madeinchynaa, Kendra DeAnna’, Ivy Sole, Blossom, PARISALEXA, Phat Joe

from l to r: DJ Madeinchynaa, Kendra DeAnna’, Ivy Sole, Blossom, PARISALEXA, Phat Joe

Kendra DeAnna’ (@iamkendradeanna), of Sacramento, CA, is a singer/songwriter with a strong, pure voice with a wide range. Her voice is beautiful enough to carry itself without any music as I noticed when she belted out a few a cappella moments. She also had a very pleasant spirit, and was inspirational. During her performance she shared wit us that she was deaf in her right ear. It was a blessing to witness her gift of song.

Phat Joe (@hausofjoe), of Sacramento, CA, is a rapper and so much more. She commanded our attention as soon as she hit the stage. Her energy and delivery of boss bars over Nicatyne produced beats had us rockin' and hanging onto every word. She has something to say, and makes you listen!

Recent Release: "Mad Black Woman" EP

PARISALEXA (@parisalexamusic), of Seattle, WA, is a singer/songwriter/producer who sings so effortlessly. She gave us a wide variety of r&b, pop vibes from inspirational, heart felt to fun little bops to move to. I truly appreciated her songwriting and her ability to vibe and connect with the audience. It always grabs my attention when an artist works the stage with their bare feet. To me it shows that they are grounded and comfortable in being present in the moment. She's most definitely an old soul at a young age.

Recent Release: Album - "Bloom", Songs - "Pity Party", "Water Me"

Ivy Sole (@Ivysole), of Philadelphia, PA is a sultry, soulful rap-sanger with southern rap, gospel, spoken word and boom bap influences. Her swagger was undeniable, and the low range inflections she does with her voice were felt. Her performance, and the time she took delivering her message made you believe every lyric was based on facts and truth.

Recent Release: Album - "Overgrown"

Blossom (@bamb00banga), of Portland, OR by way of Trinidad & Tobogo, had a jazzy, neo-soul inspired voice. She was also a great storyteller who drew you into her magic and personal experiences through her poetic, enticing lyrics. I enjoyed watching her work the stage with confidence, seduction and mysticism.

Video Provided by : Really Not Radio (@reallynotradio)

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