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She's DOPE

As a teenager my passion really started growing even more when I started exploring each element of hip hop from break dancing, graffiti, the different hip hop groups such as wu-tang, finding the passion in poetry writing my passion of exploring me allowing my mind to be free and finding self expression. As a mother for me now is sharing those passions with my kids teaching them things that I found a passion in, teaching them how to find and explore to find there own passions music is still a big passion. And now as a CEO my passion now is building that foundation of women…

Survivor: More 2 Jay Bee

Most people look at the negative losses but I choose to look at the positive. This entire situation has been about choices. I could choose to be upset that the person I love wasn’t there anymore, I could choose to be upset about friends leaving my side and I could choose to be upset about looking like a different person without my hair and weight loss.  But I could also choose to fear not and lean on God instead. I could’ve lost hope but I chose happiness.