Daisi Jo - Modelpreneur

Daisi Jo - Modelpreneur


Professional Model, Business Owner and ambassador to women related causes like sex-trafficking;  Daisi Jo Pollard has a story worth hearing. We sat down with her to hear about how she found courage, strength, and endurance to run her unique race in life.

F: In reading about you one of the first things I noticed is you wear so many different hats: Model, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Actress, Author & many more how do you do it all Queen we gotta know?

DJ: It’s really hard to juggle so many things but in reality there’s very few times I have to juggle more than 2-3 projects at a time and I also pick my projects very carefully. So I say, “No” to a lot of things.

F: Do you ever feel that tremendous pressure most of us feel of trying to find balance when you wear so many hats? How do you find it?

DJ: Definitely! I’ve had my share of panic attacks for sure. One thing I’ve learned over time is  not to over commit myself to too many things. 

F: What keeps you inspired to all that you do Daisi?

DJ: I have to be really into the projects/work that I’m doing. It has to have some kind of meaning for me and I have to be enjoying myself.

F: I noticed you started modeling really young – age 13 – can you tell us a bit about why you started and how you found the courage to at such a young age?


DJ: In the beginning, I was just curious. My mom had a cut out from the newspaper for a Model Search on our refrigerator when I was about 10 and that image just stuck with me although we never went. When I actually started modeling, I think it was the competition of getting representation, jobs and so forth that drove me but I also really love being in front of the camera.

F: What advice would give  to other young women seeking a modeling career or becoming entrepreneurs?

DJ: FEAR is False, Evidence, Appearing, Real. Life is not linear. We’re conditioned to believe we have to do A. to get to B. and so on to live a happy, fulfilled life and that’s just not true. It just works for some people in our society but most can’t and don’t fit into narrow, straight line. So, don’’t judge, don’t copy and don’t shame because your path is your own unique journey. 

F: One of the things I find tremendously inspiring  as well as,  admirable about you is your passion  to share your success and real experiences with others. You recently shared your story of sexual abuse as a child with your audience. I was in tears reading  your post and yet so happy that you did so because you gave a voice to those who may not feel comfortable sharing their experiences with this. What prompted you to so courageously share this part of your life?

DJ: I’ve just always tried to be as consistent as possible with my story so I don’t like to leave real things out even when they’re not the best stories. When I first started out in my career, many people told me not to talk about it  even family members but you just get to the point where you’re like, “whatever, it’s my story!” If sharing my experiences helps someone else make better choices and live their best life than I’m all for it. 


F: Can you tell us more about your work with sex trafficking?
DJ: I knew of a few models and actresses who had become victims of sex trafficking and I knew that it has been a big problem in the fashion industry. I felt like something had to be done to young girls and women aware  so it doesn’t happen to them and also educate the general public of this issue in the fashion industry.

F:   Is there anything you see yourself accomplishing that you haven’t yet?
DJ:  I struggle with that sometimes. I’m not sure what’s next but i’ll know when it inspires me!



F:    What does Femwinism mean to you?
DJ:  You know there’s so much “She-shaming” and “Her-shaming” because often times women expect other women to live by the same rules, desires, ambitions and blueprint. Femwinism to me is about looking at another woman and going, “Ok Queen, I see YOU, I love YOU,  I appreciate YOU and I celebrate YOU for choosing YOUR path and living YOUR Best Life!”



For more info and to follow on Daisi Jo please visit www.daisipollard.com 

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