Tasteful: Women Doing Life in Good Taste

Tasteful: Women Doing Life in Good Taste

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On a crisp Portland evening, there sits an incredible woman whom is currently delving into her research on women around the globe. Its one thing to say you support other women, but it is passion that takes that statement and creates action or in this case a movement. Femwinism caught up with Tasteful: Women Doing Good in Life creator Alex Vining.

By creating her own circle of empowered women, rather an army, this Queen reigns supreme in her fearless actions to embrace what it means to love to witness other women winning.


Femwinism writer, Jacquie Yo, caught up with this creator for a quick Q & A.

F. What drove you to create: Tasteful: Women Doing Life in Good Taste?

AV. It was really an idea that formed from observing my surroundings and creating something that I felt was missing. There’s so many women who do things out of society's norm in damn good taste! I wanted a space that allowed those women to be entirely themselves without judgement, expectation, or competition..

Tasteful embraces women from all different backgrounds to just be present in a space where there’s good music, authenticity, tasty food, and great conversation. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of great events for women out there but I didn’t want to push the forced networking, all women have to come from corporate backgrounds, heels, pink, and brunch type vibes that are out there. Like just come through with your sister, auntie, home girl, girlfriend, and mama to just have a good time & show up for one another.

F. Where or What was your heavily influenced part of life that led you to create this space?

I moved around a lot as a kid & never really had that solid group of friends (girlfriends) that I knew from pre-k till now. I was always envious of not being in a circle. I never quite met the timeline criteria with anyone.

I moved to Portland 3 years ago and realized that this place had women just like me in some way.. I feel like Portland being the sneaker capital, you have creatives coming in from all over the world to work for Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, and several other major companies. Meaning these creative women leave their best friends, moms, sisters, and essentially their circle back home.

I was inspired by these experiences to create a space to form not only a new circle but an everlasting sisterhood. There are so many great women out there! Me moving around a lot was a disadvantage in a way but I don’t think I would’ve met all the great women I know now if I hadn’t moved, traveled, and gone through what I’ve gone through.

F. Who or what empowered and continues to empower you to grow?

AV. As cliché as this will sound... other passionate women empower me!

I will literally listen to a singer I like, watch a dancer dance, watch a movie with an amazing actress, and watch every interview on them. I completely obsess over them, studying their WHY, their passions, their fashion, who inspires them, and history in their industry. I stalk them. It’s crazy, I know. I embrace it though. Lol #SupportYourGirlGang

F. Lol. We agree. Support is key. Recently you have helped build a platform in Washington, Seattle to allow blessed, educated, ambitious and like minded women to speak and share their lives, tell us what is the most gratifying part of your journey thus far?

AV. I got texts from a few ladies who attended the first Tasteful installation in Portland. She moved from the East Coast to pursue her dream career and ended up collaborating with another woman from Tasteful on a project that aligned with her purpose. Both of them texted me thanking me for creating a space for them to connect.

I have had women come up to me telling me how much they needed this, how much they see the need for Tasteful in other communities, and just how much they want to help the progression of Tasteful.

Tasteful has inspired connection, collaboration, and creation amongst an amazing group of ladies in the Pacific Northwest. Grateful is an understatement.

F. Since the creation of Tasteful, how has this positive movement impacted your life and/or immediate community?

AV. The message behind Tasteful is truly a movement, an absolute lifestyle -the way you speak about others, how you act, how you move, and who you surround yourself with. I constantly check myself like “Are you doing life in good taste?”... It’s made me better woman, it’s cost me some friends, it’s allowed me to make new ones, and it’s allowed me to see through a different lens to where I am helping women around me be their best self.

F. What has been the most challenging part of pursuing your vision?

AV. Funding. I’ve been blessed enough to have amazing supporters in these communities who’ve donated/sponsored in some way. Everything is grass roots, one woman show when it comes to funding. In due time though.

F. That is right, you must keep a positive mind and allow what you sow, you too shall reap. As in any successful womans goals or rather daily to do lists, what is one thing you repeat everyday to continue the expansion of Tasteful?

AV. My daily process.

Studying & Documentation
Connecting- Building My Network

I put two down because they go hand in hand for my everyday. Tasteful wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t studied my surroundings, documented, and collaborated with AMAZING women who are now apart of my network, my circle.

F. If you were to sit a group of women down, ranging in ages 12 to 70, what would be the one piece of advice you would share in order for those women to be motivated and be fearless in their pursuits, despite their ages?

AV. Surround yourself around ladies who inspire you. We’re all creatives and have something to learn from everyone, no matter the age demo. Mentor the youth, learn from the wise. Your tribe is based off the women who walk with you, work with you, and war with you by any means necessary. A queen with an army has no fear. Build that!

F. How do you see the world changing through the empowering of other women?

AV. When we empower women we raise the level of confidence, we awaken their inner soldier, and we light their fire to pursue their greatness. Imagine a world without sexism, stereotypes, and patriarchy. I see female presidents, more businesses owned by women, and equally dominated corporate industries.

F. What is next for Alex Vining?

AV. I can’t spill all the tea but you can expect a crazy collaboration that includes a fashion show. Also, a co-ed event catered to millennials.

F. In one word, what does Femwinism mean to you?  

AV. Unity

JACQUIE YO (the writer)

JACQUIE YO (the writer)

Kevonne Chase (music blogger)

Kevonne Chase (music blogger)