Kare Bags

Kare Bags

Khole Kares

Making waves in her community, inspiring others to help in their communities as well. Khloe was brought to our attention and did us the honor of being our key-note speaker at our 1st Annual Femwinism Entrepreneurship Summit this past year. Truly inspired by her fiery personality and genuine eagerness and persistence to make a difference in this world, we had to chat with the inspiring young Queen.

Khloe Kares

At the age of eight, bright eyed Khloe Thompson had the urge to help her community and with the help of her Mom, started her nonprofit organization “Khloe Kares” which is an organization that helps out the homeless women community by passing out “Kare Bags” filled with the bare necessities of deodorant, body wash, socks, feminine hygiene products, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Starting in 2015, over the last two years the now 10 year old Khloe of Khloe Kares has distributed over 800 Kare Bags to homeless women and the numbers continue to rise.

Khole Kare


Q: What made you want to start helping others?
Khloe: I kept seeing a homeless woman on my way to school and I would feel bad for her. I asked my mom how she got there and I wanted to help.

Q: How does it feel to know that you are seriously making a difference in people’s lives?  

Khloe: It feels really good.

Q: What does Femwinism mean to you?

Khloe: Women are empowered, ruling the world and making a difference together.

Q: If you could see more of something in the world what would it be?       

Khloe: More people helping their community.

Q: As Khloe Kares grows, what is your overall vision going forward with it? What do you hope to accomplish? Any big plans?                                                           

Khloe: I want to have my own community center with resources for the homeless. A safe place for them to sleep, take showers, have food to eat and learn how to get a job.

Q: What is your personal dream? Like if you could do anything in the world which you totally can. What do you want to do?                                                                   

Khloe: I’d love to be a veterinarian because I love animals. My favorite animal is a pig lol.

Q: If there was one thing you could tell anyone, an encouraging piece of advice what would you tell them?

Khloe: Don’t let your age stop you from what you want to do.



Wiser words couldn’t have been spoken. A true inspiration. To keep up with Khloe and the Khloe Kares movement. Be sure to tap in with all of their social media accounts and their website www.khloekares.com 

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"It's pretty awkward for me to describe myself or tell people about myself without being asked specific questions. I'd much rather just be asked something directly and give an answer. I can show you who I am better than I can tell you. But for the sake of my journey and such I'm going to give anyone reading this as best of a synopsis as I possibly can...

So Hi, Hello, I'm Kevonne. I'm currently in my 20's and live in the Golden State of California. I am a creative being with a passion for sharing what is on my mind. My thoughts, my ideas, spreading the word about anything I love/care about to whomever can find it in their heart to listen. I love music, art, poetry, food, animals, having a great time and just connecting with people. I was that kid in school who only got in trouble for talking. I did my work and tried hard but lord was I social!

Anywhooooo.... I know I'm here for a reason as we all are. I'm at a place in my life where I am focusing in on what my purpose is and what I want to do to fulfill it. I really just want to reach people, and make a positive difference in whatever way I'm supposed to. I honestly don't know exactly where my path is going to take me but I do know that I'm committed to living fully and without further hesitation.

I'm not sure if that really gave a full depiction of me as a person but hopefully by sticking with me, checking out what I post and talking to me you'll get a sense of who I am and what I'm here on this earth to do.

Here we go..."

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