There is a young lady who is wise beyond her age who is committed to community and
changing the lives of the youth in her hometown and across the states. She has been given a
heart of gold and a mission to do just that. Making waves of changes through a single cool glass
of her LemonAid. That’s right LemonAid, a single purchase of her delicious beverage a
percentage goes to help in the fight and recovery of child living with cancer. But that is not all
this little miss is doing. After her idea of creating a conference to promote change in
communities. Girls for Progress is alive and we do not foresee this little rocket of charm and
brains stopping anytime soon.

JACQUIE YO (the writer)

Taking her love for writing and music, she created CapCitySoul.net to embrace the talent living in Sacramento, CA in 2009 and spent two years at Sacramento State University College Radio, KSSU, as a Hip Hop Journalist/Personality for the Get Low Show. She lends her knowledge of the industry as a public speaker and volunteer for the urban independent arts. 

Tasteful: Women Doing Life in Good Taste

On a crisp Portland evening, there sits an incredible woman whom is currently delving into her research on women around the globe. Its one thing to say you support other women, but it is passion that takes that statement and creates action or in this case a movement. Femwinism caught up with Tasteful: Women Doing Good in Life creator Alex Vining.

By creating her own circle of empowered women, rather an army, this Queen reigns supreme in her fearless actions to embrace what it means to love to witness other women winning.


Kevonne Chase (music blogger)

"It's pretty awkward for me to describe myself or tell people about myself without being asked specific questions. I'd much rather just be asked something directly and give an answer. I can show you who I am better than I can tell you. But for the sake of my journey and such I'm going to give anyone reading this as best of a synopsis as I possibly can...

So Hi, Hello, I'm Kevonne. I'm currently in my 20's and live in the Golden State of California. I am a creative being with a passion for sharing what is on my mind. My thoughts, my ideas, spreading the word about anything I love/care about to whomever can find it in their heart to listen. I love music, art, poetry, food, animals, having a...

Kare Bags

At the age of eight, bright eyed Khloe Thompson had the urge to help her community and with the help of her Mom, started her nonprofit organization “Khloe Kares” which is an organization that helps out the homeless women community by passing out “Kare Bags” filled with the bare necessities of deodorant, body wash, socks, feminine hygiene products, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Starting in 2015, over the last two years the now 10 year old Khloe of Khloe Kares has distributed over 800 Kare Bags to homeless women and the numbers continue to rise.