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Taking Your Power Back
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Taking Your Power Back

Taking Your Power Back Presented by : Hailey Inez Miglietta & Quyhnforthewin

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 7pm-9pm

What are your go-to’s for when you are in pain, feeling bored, or confused?

Anything on this list?

(Don't worry, we’ve all got our thing(s)!)

-drugs and alcohol

-food/sugar/junk food

-caffeine - coffee/energy drinks/soda

-sex - porn/entertainment


-love and intimacy - stuck in cycles of codependency, abuse, people-pleasing

-screen time - phones/social media/TV/video games



-needing to know (when you don’t know about something) ex: psychic readings





-beautification - tanning/plastic surgery




-being seen/validated

What do all of these have in common?


They are ALL are forms of short-term PLEASURE

They are ALL unhealthy if used/done IN EXCESS

AND...they ALL take your power away from you!

Here’s the thing, we ALL grapple with addiction. Every last one of us has or is currently giving our power away to something outside of ourselves.

AND, with awareness, support, and accountability, we can call our power back home, right where it belongs.

Join us for the 4th stop of the Self Love Exodus: Taking Your Power Back.

We’ll be getting real with where we leak our power, move through a forgiveness process, and then choose which self-love outlets we are ready to invest in, so that we can become selves that we can be proud of.

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How to Be a Mindful Consumer
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How to Be a Mindful Consumer

Presented By:

PharmersMarketGuru & Bad Ass Home Life have teamed up for their new Workshop Series:

“How to Be a Mindful Consumer” - July 21, 2019 2p-4p

A Workshop on how to Purchase Consciously for your Health, Home & our planet.

Tickets: $30 ( Discounted tickets are available to current Femwinism Members)

Please email for more info: mindfulconsumersac@gmail.com

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